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World Peace University

World Peace University in Cyprus is an esteemed institution committed to promoting global harmony and academic excellence. Situated in the culturally rich landscape of Cyprus, the university offers a diverse array of undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral programs spanning various disciplines including humanities, social sciences, engineering, and management. Embracing a holistic approach to education, the university integrates principles of peacebuilding, conflict resolution, and intercultural understanding into its curriculum, preparing students to become compassionate and socially responsible leaders in an interconnected world. With modern facilities, accomplished faculty members, and a focus on research and innovation, World Peace University in Cyprus provides a vibrant learning environment conducive to personal growth and intellectual exploration. Through its dedication to fostering cross-cultural dialogue, community engagement, and global citizenship, the university strives to contribute positively to the promotion of peace and understanding on both local and international scales.

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Global Perspective

Emphasizing a global perspective, the university fosters an environment that encourages international collaboration, diverse cultural experiences, and understanding. It may have partnerships with institutions worldwide, facilitating student exchanges and joint research projects.


Extracurricular Activities

The university encourages students to participate in extracurricular activities such as student clubs, organizations, sports teams, and community service initiatives. These activities promote personal growth, leadership skills, and a sense of community among students


Student Support Services

Recognizing the importance of student success and well-being, the university offers comprehensive support services including academic advising, career counseling, tutoring, and mental health resources. Additionally, there may be support for international students regarding visas, housing, and cultural adjustment.


Commitment to Excellence

Committed to academic excellence and continuous improvement, the World Peace University strives to provide high-quality education, fostering critical thinking, creativity, and lifelong learning skills in its students.

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