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Kyrenia University

University of Kyrenia

The University of Kyrenia was founded in 2013 in the city of Kyrenia. The University focused on training in the fields of aviation and maritime affairs. The main goal of the university is to become a leader of higher education in its specializations.

The University of Kyrenia with its fully equipped infrastructure has set forth to ensure quality in education and become a prominent institution of the first choice among the national and international higher education institutions by providing a variety of quality associate, undergraduate and graduate programs that aimed at contributing to the students. Its educational and training origin was based on the knowledge accumulation of the Faculty of Maritime Studies that was established by its sister university, the Near East University, in 1978 as the first Faculty of Maritime Studies in Cyprus.

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Kyrenia University

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Maritime Studies Excellence

Renowned for its expertise in maritime studies, the university provides comprehensive programs in maritime transportation and management, naval architecture, marine engineering, and marine transportation management.


International Recognition

The University of Kyrenia is recognized internationally, attracting students from diverse backgrounds. It maintains partnerships with several universities and institutions worldwide, fostering global collaboration and exchange programs


Experienced Faculty

The university boasts a team of experienced and highly qualified faculty members who are experts in their respective fields, committed to providing quality education and guidance to students.


Modern Campus Life

The campus provides a vibrant and dynamic environment with various student clubs, organizations, and recreational facilities, promoting student engagement and personal development outside the classroom.

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